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Should you build a home gym?

The beauty of working out and fitness is that you can do it virtually anywhere anytime.  The problem comes though when it’s time to choose what approach you are actually going to take. Should you the plunge and create your own gym at your home or should you should join the gym? The answer comes down to two simple things: use and budget.

The use of the gym is reflected on your level of fitness.  If you are an advanced athlete you will probably be using almost all of the machines in a well equipped gym.  Hence, you would need a wide array of machines and weights in order to accommodate your training style.  If you are just starting off you could probably get away with just a basic set-up.  To simplify things, the newer you are to fitness, the less specialized equipment you will need.

This leads me to the second point, which is budget.  Your needs and budget are closely intertwined when equipping your gym.  If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase enough equipment to allow you to meet your fitness requirements then you obviously should simply purchase a gym membership.  In the best case scenario, your budget is unlimited to you have the ability to purchase all of the machines that you require.

There are other factors that weight in as well when making the choice.  Some people prefer the environments that gym offer.  It may help you boost your competitiveness in your training regimens.  On the other hand others may hate it.  Many enjoy the convenience that home gyms offer.  A good balance would be a gym pass, some basic weights, and treadmill for cardio work.  That way you can go to the gym most of the time, and hop into your home gym when you don’t have time or will to hit the gym.

F. Martinez

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