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What causes Wrinkles?

Age is not the only reason that causes wrinkles; there are a wide variety of other reasons as well. Pollutants in the air, excess exposure to the harmful rays of the sun- all these cause wrinkles quite prematurely. In order to delay the appearance of wrinkles, you must not only try on various creams and lotions, but try and change your lifestyle into a healthy one!

No one really bothers about wrinkle formation, until it is too late. And then one can only try to hide them by applying layers of make up. The truth is that you must address this issue long before they have appeared on your face. The reason why wrinkles appear is that in old age the skin cells do not multiply as they are wont to during our youth. This also results in the atrophy of the fat cells that lie beneath our inner skin or dermis. Soon enough, the layer of elastin lying underneath loosens up, leading to an inevitable loss of elasticity. Your skin sags, forms lines and loses its ability to hold moisture. You will notice that as you grow old, your skin becomes dry and rough- this is also because the sweat and oil secreting glands also cease to function, no longer able to provide moisture for your skin. In a nutshell, you must have realized that old age spells disaster for your skin!

What appears first are those fine lines around one’s mouth, eyebrows (called ‘frown lines’) and eyes (commonly called ‘crow’s feet’). These lines are obviously a result of the excessive use of facial muscles. Our expressions maximize the potential of these muscles and soon enough the skin forms characteristic lines defining our smiles and scowls. As skin loses its ability to retain moisture and its elasticity, it is no longer able to spring back to its initial position after having been pressed. This situation is made worse by the force of gravity which tends to pull one’s skin downward, leading to a permanent sagging of eyelids at times!

Apart from age, there are various other factors that could lead to premature wrinkle formation. If you are a smoker, it would eventually show up on your skin. The skin around your mouth will lose its ability to give rise to new cells. One must always drink lots of fluid, be it juice or water to ensure that his/her skin is always nourished and pampered. Moreover, fat cells shrink and disappear with age, thus, the skin no longer remains stretched and tight.

Finally, protect your skin from the sun as far as possible. The UVA and UVB rays of the sun could cause skin cancer in those who are not adequately protected. Apply a sunscreen when you step out of the house and keep a wide brimmed straw hat at hand. Wear thin and loose garments, but ensure that they afford maximum coverage. Not only will they keep you dry, but also protect your skin from being damaged by direct sunlight. Lastly, do not fret about your wrinkles much- they add to the charm of old age!

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